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The beginnings

FV S.A. is a Company devoted to the manufacture and marketing of faucets in a wide variety of products for bathroom, kitchen and sanitary facilities. Today it is the undisputed leader in its field both in Argentina and in the Latin American markets. The beginnings of this story can be traced back to the second half of the XIX century, when Franz Viegener founded the company Franz Viegener II in Attendorn, Germany, naming the brand of its products with his initials "FV".

His son Francisco Viegener emigrated to Argentina in 1921, founding the Company FV S.A. that same year. Since then, the Viegener family continues to manage the Company, which was devoted to manufacture valves and plumbing in its beginnings. Since then, FV has been steadily growing. It has the most important manufacturing plant in Latin America in its category, where processes of integrated production are carried out, ensuring quality in each stage of the production process and providing a wide variety of entirely made products, from design to packaging.

In Argentina, FV has a plant near the city of Pilar, at 60 kilometers from Buenos Aires, covering an area of 60000 m2 where faucets sets are designed, meeting a wide range of needs through nearly 3500 different articles. Likewise, it has commercial offices located at Florida, Buenos Aires, of 9500 m2, and subsidiaries in the most important cities in the interior of the country, covering 10500 m2. All together amount to an area of 80.000 m2 covered in Argentina.

FV is one of the few Argentine companies with an Industrial Design Department, exclusively dedicated to the creation of new products.

Concepts like quality, design and service are prevailing goals for each employee. More than 1700 people are working today in the integrated facilities belonging to FV in Argentina.


Expansion and development

At present FV clearly holds a leadership position in the Argentine and Latin American market, designing and manufacturing faucets sets which meet a wide range of needs.

From Argentina FV distributes its products to MERCOSUR, the rest of Latin American countries and to FV America, which supplies to the USA and Canada from Chicago. From Ecuador it supplies its products to the countries of the Andean Pact (Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador itself) and to the Caribbean.

Growth and expansion are always prevailing values for FV and they are the reasons for its leading position in the market.

In Ecuador, under the name of FV Área Andina, there is a plant of 10000 m2 operating to manufacture faucets, and another one of 12000 m2, devoted to the production of sanitary ware.

In Brazil, FV formed a "Joint Venture" with the company Docol Ltda.

By means of the collaboration between both companies, the competitive advantages of the Mercosur countries are mutually enhanced.


FV at present

The technology developed by FV to melt its product parts is one of the most important elements on which their quality is based. Thanks to furnaces of special design and to its own systems which are jealously guarded, the melted production offers such warranty that only FV can provide.

One hundred percent of the production is carefully checked and finished by skilled technicians. The processes of grinding and polishing prepare each product part to receive the perfect finishing that has given so much fame to the FV faucets.

The most rigorous quality control system requires an optimum performance of each manufactured part even in the worst circumstances, simulating in the laboratory extreme conditions of strength, stress and pressure that they would never receive in normal use.

Only the use of the most modern equipment in the world to manufacture faucets allows warranting products to be used forever.

FV’s model infrastructure is complemented by an excellent service of technical support, specialized service, a team expert in sales and sales promotion supported by an extensive net of integrated distribution.

The company size, the wide variety of services it provides to its customers and the undisputed quality of its products make FV the preferred brand for installers and users.


Quality and environment

In FV, quality and environment are of prime importance, for such reason we certify our Management Systems under the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001-2004 standards. These certificates are issued under contract conditions involving regular external audits to our Quality and Environment Management System, including design and development, production, manufacturing, marketing and after sales customer service for products, parts, components and accessories for faucets and gas installations.

For such reason, when you buy an FV product, you are getting quality, experience, service and environmental protection. And above all, you get the security provided by a Company striving to improve constantly in order to offer you the best.


Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Policies

At F.V. S.A, we are aware that we have to provide products and service the quality of which must be technologically supported by skilled professionals and that the manufacturing and marketing conditions provide for protection to people, to the facilities and to the surrounding environment.

F.V. S.A. commits to comply with the following principles:

  • To develop and maintain an Environment Management, Safety and Occupational Health System in such a way that it ensures that the requirements of the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards are fulfilled.
  • To promote prevention of Health, Labor Accidents and Environmental Pollution.
  • To promote the continuous improvement of each one of the activities carried out through the fulfillment of goals and preventive actions.
  • To comply with the requirements of the legislation in force, of the procedures and regulations established by the Company and of those agreed to by it
  • To prioritize the rational use of natural resources in the internal activities of the company.
  • Those who perform activities shall be skilled and they shall be aware of the hazards and consequences resulting from deviating from the established procedures.
  • To implement initiatives tending to increase the degree of awareness of our suppliers and contractors and to share our policy of environment and health protection.
  • To make such policy available to the public, keeping communication channels open to meet community concerns.

F.V. S.A commits to provide the necessary resources to guarantee the fulfillment of this policy, as well as the established goals and their continuous improvement, informing about it to the entire organization and involving it in that regard.


FV and culture

For FV the interrelationship and communication between individuals in their working environment are essential for the search of excellence in teamwork. This program fosters creativity in the company, contributing to create new bonds and a wider perspective of reality. It is a place where our employees and their relatives can show their works of photography, painting, digital art, tapestries, marchetry, etc. to the other members of the staff.

Likewise, for years FV has been developing a series of activities which sponsor and support different first class institutions related to science, art and culture in general (Colón Theater, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art, FADU (College of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires), Architects Central Association, Recoleta Cultural Center, San Martín Cultural Center, etc.).

Several architecture and painting contests together with postgraduate scholarship plans and also remodeling and maintenance of museums and universities have been made with the technical and financial support of the company.

At present, this Cultural Program is holding conferences and art exhibitions in Cultural Centers and in different distinguished institutions in Buenos Aires, and it is also carrying out a series of activities related to art and culture directed to Architects and Engineers.


FV in figures

  • 94 Years in the market.
  • 1500 Employees in Argentina
  • 9 Commercial Offices in Argentina and in the world.
  • 3500 Articles commercialized at present.
  • 60 Product lines launched since its beginnings
  • 32 Product lines in the market at present.
  • 25 Countries where FV products are commercialized.
  • 80000 m2 of covered area in Argentina (Equivalent to 6 football stadiums).
  • 2000 Active distributors.
  • 1555 Queries attended each month by the User Assistance Service FV Answering.
  • 175 Training sessions held per year.

Protection of personal data

"The holder of personal data is entitled to have access to such information free of charge within intervals no shorter than six months, unless a legitimate interest to do otherwise is certified, according to the provisions set forth in section 14, subsection 3 of Act number 25,326".

"The NATIONAL OFFICE OF PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION, a Controlling Agency under Act Number 25,326, shall have the function of handling all the complaints and claims filed by any requesting party on the scope of the fulfillment of the regulations on personal data protection ".

National Office of Personal Data Protection: Sarmiento 1118, piso 5º (C1041AAX) CABA. Tel. 4383-8512/13/14/15, o